​Zitamar Daily Briefing, 19 July 2018


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 19 July, 2018.


  • Today: Parliament to approve decentralization and electoral law
  • Today: President Nyusi begins a three-day state visit to Rwanda, at the invitation of Rwandan president Paul Kagame
  • Today: Conference in Maputo on the public policy of agribusiness, organized by the Observatório do Meio Rural

The latest from Zitamar News:

EDM overhauls procurement after massive overpayments to ‘middle men’
CEO Mateus Magala will end the practice of outsourcing procurement and set up an internal supervisory body

The best of the rest:

  • 29 August verdict set in Canal de Moçambique case
  • Parliament approves decentralization proposals for final vote
  • Former MDM members ejected from Maputo Municipal Assembly
  • Mozambique creates disaster management fund
  • In shock move, Assembly names bridge from Maptuo to Katembe “Maputo-Katembe Bridge”

29 August verdict set in Canal de Moçambique case (Lusa, CanalMoz)
The district court of KaMpfumo has scheduled for 29 August a hearing to read its judgment in the case of Matias Guente, editor of the weekly Canal de Moçambique, who is accused of slander and defamation by former Bank of Mozambique administrator Joana Matsombe. Matsombe objected to an editorial cartoon that depicted her wearing a bathing suit in a pool with former Bank of Mozambique governor Ernesto Gove.
The public prosecutor reversed course yesterday, calling for Guente’s acquittal and saying that the cartoon was well within bounds for journalists exercising their right to free expression. Matsombe’s complaint is still pending, however, and she is seeking 18 months imprisonment for Guente and MZN 2 million ($34,000) in compensation.

Parliament approves decentralization proposals for final vote (Notícias, DW)
Mozambique’s parliament yesterday approved ‘in general’ the proposals for decentralization laws that will form the legal framework for 10 October municipal elections. Parliament will take a final vote today on specific aspects of the bill.
There has been much horse-trading in parliament over the vague proposals agreed by President Nyusi and Renamo’s leadership – first Afonso Dhlakama, then, after his death, Ossufo Momade. The process has demonstrated that parliament does have real power when it wants to – albeit that the dominant Frelimo bench is guided by a non-elected Political Commission.

Former MDM members ejected from Maputo Municipal Assembly (AIM, O País)
Five members of the Movimento Democrático de Moçambique (MDM) group in Maputo’s Municipal Assembly, namely Ismael Nhancucué, Armando Augusto, Domingos Cheguemane, Camilo Manhiça, and Sérgio Daqui Sengo, were forced to leave a meeting of the Assembly yesterday because they are no longer members of the party with which they were elected. The five all pledged their support for Renamo on 29 June.
The five members say that the Assembly does not have the power to declare the loss of any member’s mandate, and that the matter should be decided by the Council of Ministers and the Constitutional Council.

Mozambique creates disaster management fund (O País)
Mozambican finance minister Adriano Maleiane announced yesterday that Mozambique is creating a disaster management fund as a way to guarantee the availability of resources in the case of natural disasters. The money will also be used for disaster prevention, preparedness training, and building response capacity. Maleiane made the announcement during a speech in Maputo to open the executive council meeting of the Regional Center for Disaster Management, Sustainability, and Urban Resilience in Southern Africa.

Maputo municipality says Maputo-Katembe bridge should be called “Maputo-Katembe Bridge” (Lusa, AIM)
The bridge between downtown Maputo and Katembe will, assuming it is ever finished, be named the “Maputo-Katembe Bridge”, the Maputo Municipal Assembly decided yesterday, though their proposal still must be approved by Mozambique’s Council of Ministers. Other naming proposals included (Frelimo founder) Eduardo Mondlane, Samora Machel (Mozambique’s first president), and simply Katembe.
Sticking with the popular name will avoid confusion, but strictly speaking Katembe is already part of Maputo, so perhaps it should have been the KaMpfumo-Katembe Bridge for the two municipal districts the bridge connects. Or perhaps not.

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