About us

Zitamar News provides reliable and independent daily news and analysis on Mozambique’s economy, politics, and business sectors, with a particular focus on the extractive industry. 

Zitamar News is written and edited in Maputo and London – with contributions from a network of researchers in Mozambique, the US, and Europe.

Tom Bowker, co-founder of Zitamar News, moved from London to Mozambique ahead of the elections in 2014, and served as Bloomberg News’ Mozambique correspondent until December 2015. With a Master’s degree in Development Economics, and having served as News Editor at Infrastructure Journal and Central Banking, he leads Zitamar‘s coverage of Mozambique’s politics, economy, and infrastructure. He is also a regular contributor to publications including the Petroleum Economist and Al Jazeera, and is also the Associated Press correspondent in Mozambique.

 Leigh Elston, co-founder of Zitamar News, leads Zitamar’s coverage of the energy, oil & gas, and mining sectors. She has covered global oil and gas markets and projects since 2007, for Infrastructure Journal, Gas Strategies, Bloomberg News and Interfax. She also works as an Investigations Associate for ECF.

 Gavriel Hollander, co-founder of Zitamar News, is based in London and is an experienced UK-based business journalist. He has written about infrastructure, the built environment, finance and politics for a number of leading UK business magazines.

René Lavanchy, a journalist and infrastructure specialist, edits Zitamar’s Daily Briefing from his base in London.

Zitamar News is published by Zitamar Ltd, The Old Workshop, 1 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PA.

Company Number: 09640194