About us

Zitamar News provides reliable and independent daily news and analysis on Mozambique’s economy, politics, and business sectors, with a particular focus on the extractive industry. 

Zitamar News is written and edited in Maputo and London – with contributions from a network of researchers in Mozambique, the US, and Europe.

Tom Bowker, co-founder of Zitamar News, moved from London to Mozambique ahead of the elections in 2014, and served as Bloomberg News’ Mozambique correspondent until December 2015. With a Master’s degree in Development Economics, and having served as News Editor at Infrastructure Journal and Central Banking, he leads Zitamar‘s coverage of Mozambique’s politics, economy, and infrastructure. He is also a regular contributor to publications including the Petroleum Economist and Al Jazeera, and is also the Associated Press correspondent in Mozambique.

 Leigh Elston, co-founder of Zitamar News, leads Zitamar’s coverage of the energy, oil & gas, and mining sectors. She has covered global oil and gas markets and projects since 2007, for Infrastructure Journal, Gas Strategies, Bloomberg News and Interfax.

 Gavriel Hollander, co-founder of Zitamar News, is based in London and is an experienced UK-based business journalist. He has written about infrastructure, the built environment, finance and politics for a number of leading UK business magazines.

René Lavanchy, a journalist and infrastructure specialist, edits Zitamar’s Daily Briefing from his base in London.

Zitamar News is published by Zitamar Ltd, The Old Workshop, 1 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield, S11 9PA.

Company Number: 09640194