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Al Shabaab blamed for armed attack in Mozambique gas province


A firefight between unknown armed men and local police is ongoing in the coastal town of Mocímboa da Praia in Cabo Delgado, north-eastern Mozambique on Thursday morning.

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  1. What a theather, muthumbela gogo cheap act, fake story, to try to grab a few extra funds from international community.
    Al-Shabbab never put their feet in Mozambique, this is a fabricated story, so fake that could have a stamp written Made in China.
    Mozambique is at bankrupcy, the country is highly in debts and tatters, they don’t have money, so why not elaborate a fake story, in order to atract foreign funds, money, money, sweet money, to try to fight a terrorrism that do not exist.
    International partners are not stupid to believe in this children stories.
    Thats why President Donald Trump, hate fake news, behind it, there’s always a catch.
    Futseka mumphanas!

  2. Lina Xavier Metonga on

    Everybody in maputo, know the truth, people are very tired of lies.
    Who let the so called al-shabibas inside the country?
    They were invited?

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