Cabo Delgado terrorists kill 12 civilians in deadliest attack yet


Terrorists killed 12 people on Thursday night in the village of Pequeué, in Macomia district in Cabo Delgado, in the deadliest attack attributed to the Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jamâ insurgency since it began in October 2017.

The attack in Pequeué, in the coastal locality of Quiterajo, saw 55 houses burned by the insurgents, Zitamar’s correspondent in Macomia confirmed. Two of the dead were burned in their houses, while the other ten were shot dead, and one subsequently beheaded. A further 14 were injured.

The attack came in the same day as insurgents clashed with the military in Pundanhar, Palma district, according to a report in Mediafax. One witness told Mediafax that a colonel and a number of soldiers were killed after insurgents fired two bazookas at an armoured car. Another witness said that the attackers wore military uniform. Pundanhar has been the location of a number of clashes between the military and insurgents, starting in early August.

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