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Consultant hired to help resettle 900 families for Mozambique highway expansion


Mozambique’s national roads authority has awarded a contract worth 5 million meticais to consult on the resettlement of around 900 families in central Mozambique, who will be moved to make way for an expanded highway.

The project will see the EN6, that runs from Beira to the Zimbabwe border at Machipanda, expanded to two carriageways. In December 2015, Mozambican newspaper Notícias cited the Minister for Public Works, Carlos Bonete, as saying the works would affect families the whole length of the highway from Beira to Machipanda.

The road has already taken 80% of the goods that used to travel on the Beira-Machipanda railway, the local head of Mozambique’s rail company CFM told Zitamar News this week, due to the state of the rail line that saw 46 derailments in 2016 alone.

The consultancy contract, worth MZN 5,387,148 ($82,021) was won by Scott Wilson Mozambique Lda, an independent consultancy operating in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi which used to be part of global consultancy Scott Wilson, now owned by URS Corporation.

In an announcement published in Notícias on Wednesday, the Administracao Nacional de Estradas (ANE) said it had also awarded Scott Wilson Mozambique a MZN 2.3 million contract for an environmental and social impact study for the planned construction of eight bridges along the N380 road in Cabo Delgado, between Mocimboa da Praia and Ancuabe.

Two further contracts were announced by ANE in the same advertisement, both in favour of an individual consultant, named as E Macome. The consultant will work on environmental and social management of rural roads in Zambezia and Nampula provinces, and on resettlement programmes for those road networks.

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