Five villages to receive thousands of refugees in Cabo Delgado


The Cabo Delgado provincial government has set up accommodation centres in four villages in Quissanga district and one in the district of Metuge, to accommodate roughly 6,000 people displaced by insurgent activity further north in the province.

The centres aim, among other things, to take some pressure off the provincial capital of Pemba, which has received thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) in recent months, many arriving by boat from the Quissanga coastline, the island of Ibo, and Mocímboa da Praia, in particular.

Radio Moçambique reported last week that Cabo Delgado State Secretary Armindo Ngunga visited the five centres — which it mistakenly said are all in Metuge district — on 10 May. It said 18,000 people, across 3,630 families, are accommodated in the five centres. Provincial governor Valige Tauabo told Zitamar News the five villages will house more than 6,000 homeless people.

The four villages in Quissanga are Aldeia Primeiro de Maio, Aldeia Napuda, Aldeia Namange, and Aldeia Tororó. The one in Metuge is Aldeia Nlopwana — alternatively called Walopuana.

Governor Tauabo visited the Pemba neighbourhood of Paquitequete last week, where the majority of refugees arriving by boat land. Paquitequete currently hosts 1,027 IDPs according to an article in Notícias, which said the new accommodation centres would be supported by the national disaster management agency, INGC.

Metuge is already home to one IDP centre, at Taratara, set up to receive people displaced by Cyclone Kenneth in 2019. It has a population of 993 IDPs according to a recent assessment by the International Organisation of Migration.

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