Gaza doubles polling stations; 12 dead in first week – Mozambique Elections 2019, edition 46-47


Source: 2019 General Elections – Mozambique Political Process Bulletin

Gaza polling stations double

Lists of the polling stations for the 15 October election show that the number of polling stations in Gaza has increased by 81% since 2014, vastly more than the increase in population in the past five years. Six provinces increased by 15-20% in line with the increase in population noted in the 2017 census. Maputo province shows a rise of 34%, in line with the census and reflecting the large migration to Matola. Maputo city shows a fall of 1%, again in line with the census.

Only Gaza shows a huge and impossible increase in the number of polling stations, not in line with the population census. The analysis was done by statistician Wim Neeleman. He also notes that more than 10,000 voters have been removed from the register in Zambezia and a further 2,000 added to the already inflated Gaza voters roll. The full table is on the pdf version of this bulletin.

Percentage increase in number of polling stations for all provinces:

Cars are more dangerous than political violence as 12 die in 1st week of campaign

A dozen people were killed in the first week of the campaign, 10 due to traffic accidents and 2 to political violence; 29 have been injured, 16 in traffic incidents and 13 in political violence. Our correspondents also report at least 33 arrests, most related to destroying posters of other parties. These cases are from 31 August through 6 September.

Four people were killed in Gondola, Manica on Friday 6 September when a truck carrying Frelimo supporters came off the road on a curve. Six other Frelimo supporters were killed in earlier accidents (see Bulletins 41, 42, 45) One Renamo campaigner and one Frelimo campaigner were beaten to death in Dondo, Sofala (See Bulletin 43)

A total of 16 people have been injured in traffic incidents, including 6 children hit by a campaign car in Namacurra, Zambezia, on 1 September.

Thirteen people have been injured in political violence, including 5 in Moatize.

17 arrests in Erati

There have been 28 arrests in Nampula province, including 17 in Erati at 23.00 on Tuesday 3 September. Renamo supporters were pasting their posters on top of Frelimo ones, when they were interrupted by Frelimo. The incident occurred next to stalls selling alcoholic drinks and when police arrived there was unrest. Police had to fire in the air to calm the crowd. In the end they arrested 17 people, including drinks venders and Renamo supporters.

Also in Nampula province, provincial police spokesperson Zacarias Nacute said there had been 9 other arrests, in Moma, Angoche, Ribaue and Nampula city.

In Maputo city two unlucky Frelimo supporters, aged 23 and 26, were caught pulling down MDM and Renamo posters when a police patrol just happened to pass by. They were arrested.

Frelimo supporter jailed for destroying posters

A Frelimo campaigner in Inhambane was jailed for 15 days and subject to a fine of 5 minimum wages for destroying opposition party posters. Three others, from the three main parties, have been arrested for destroying posters and will be tried this week. The incidents occurred in Massinga, Funhalouro, Mabote and Inharrime districts last week, Inhambane Provincial Command spokesman Juma Ali Dauto said today.

Also in the poster wars, Renamo’s political delegate in Milange, Zambezia, Antonio Dinal, said it is notable that only Renamo posters are being torn down and not those of other parties. In Maravia, Tete, Renamo says it has been prohibited from putting up posters on the main street.

Renamo men with machetes stop Frelimo parade

Mulomwe, Mongincual district, Nampula is seen as a Renamo stronghold and when word reached the town on 6 Deptember that a Frelimo parade was arriving, Renamo supporters armed with machetes (catanas) blocked the road. A fight started but was broken up by the police; there were no injuries.

Hunger scares Frelimo supporters from campaign

Frelimo supporters in Vanduzi district, Manica, refuse to campaign in favour of their party because of lack of food, Mozambican Youth Organization (OJM) secretary Adelino Aizeque Barroso told the Bulletin

“People refused to campaign in the early hours because there is no food,” said the secretary. He raised the issue with the district party committee, which “said to go and ask for support from businesspeople,” Barroso said.

Parties complain over violence in Tete

Frelimo, Renamo and MDM have each filed complaints with the Tete Provincial Electoral Commission (CPE) alleging aggression and violence perpetrated by supporters of other parties, CPE President Ussumane Cassamo told the Bulletin.

Renamo accuses Frelimo members of beating two of their supporters as a way to intimidate them into abandoning campaigning, one in Tete and the other in Zumbo. Frelimo, in turn, presented to the CPE two cases of beating of its supporters in Moatize, accusing Renamo of being behind the incident. MDM accuses Frelimo of burning down its representative’s residence in Changara district.

Renamo supporter’s home burned

Strangers set fire to the house of a Renamo member named Jose Luis in the early morning of Saturday 7 September in Inhangoma, Mutarara district, Tete. Luis and his family were sleeping inside the house and escaped unhurt, but their residence and property within it were reduced to ashes. Luis accuses Frelimo of being behind the incident because he refused to join that party.

Also in Tete, a Frelimo supporter was beaten and tied up by Renamo counterparts in the Chifunde district. The episode occurred when the victim, wearing a Frelimo T-shirt, passed in front of Renamo headquarters and was accused of being a Frelimo spy. Police were called to restore order.

ND sympathizer assaulted in Chokwe

A supporter of the New Democracy (ND) was assaulted by a Frelimo supporter in Chokwe district, Gaza while campaigning for his party. The case was referred to the police. Frelimo members tried unsuccessfully to give money to the victim’s family to have the complaint withdrawn.

New Democracy (ND) list head in Gaza province, Felix Silva, better known as a prominent Gaza musician Refila Boy, has confirmed the case and accuses the ruling party of trying to derail his party’s campaign in Chokwe district.

“There is a lot of injustice committed by Frelimo and it has police backing,” he said, claiming that whenever he tells the police where his party is going to campaign, the police pass the information on to Frelimo.

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