Insurgents kill four on Quirimba island


Four people were killed on Tuesday by insurgents on Quirimba island, Ibo district, after armed men attacked the area, a local seafood merchant told Zitamar News.

There are also reports that the insurgents stole a fishing boat full of fish, owned by a fisherman from Olumboa, Macomia district, the same source said. 

On Wednesday, fishermen near the village of Olumboa fled to Quirimba, after gunshots  were heard on Tuesday in Olumboa and in Darumba, both villages in the administrative post of Mucojo, Macomia district.

The same source said that there are also reports that armed men landed on Matemo Island on Wednesday night. Zitamar tried unsuccessfully to confirm the report with local residents. 

However, one Pemba resident told Zitamar they received a call on Thursday morning from a person they know in Matemo, reporting that they were “surrounded”. The call was quickly cut off and the phone in Matemo has since been uncontactable.

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