Journalist in hiding after revealing Frelimo fraud in Moatize election


The editor of a local newspaper in the town of Moatize, Tete province, is in hiding after helping to expose an attempt by the local head of the election administration body, STAE, to stuff ballot boxes with votes in favour of ruling party Frelimo.

Aparício José de Nascimento, editor of Jornal Malacha, published a video on Facebook where the deputy district head of STAE, Carlos Santana, explained that he found his boss, Júlio Jossias Baulene, having “violated” ballot boxes at the Paróquia primary school in Moatize – at which point Baulene fled.

Baulene was subsequently beaten up by the head of Frelimo’s candidate list, incumbent mayor Carlos Portimão, over his failure to execute the planned electoral fraud, Zitamar News has learned.

Jornal Malacha published a full set of results from Moatize’s polling stations, showing a Renamo win. STAE has so far failed to publish a single polling station’s result from Moatize on its website.

Similarly, no results from the provincial capital, Tete City, have yet been made public. Renamo claimed victory there on Thursday, but on Friday morning, Frelimo’s spokesman in Tete, Domingos Macajo, said his party had won a “clear and convincing victory”.

Nascimento is now in hiding, according to a statement released on Friday morning by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) – who say Nascimento told them he had been receiving threats from Thursday morning, after publishing the polling station results on his newspaper’s Facebook page.

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