Local militia kill eight insurgents in Nangade


Eight insurgents were killed on Wednesday in Nangade district by local militiamen who have been assisting government forces in the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado, several sources in Nangade town told Zitamar News.

The insurgents were part of an armed group that a few days ago captured a couple, killing the man, while the woman was released and told to warn locals that the group would attack the villages of Ntamba and Liché at any moment.

In response to the warning, militiamen from both the villages, with others from the villages of Ngalonga and Nambedo, and Nangade town, launched a pursuit of the insurgents, ultimately catching and killing them.

Five firearms were also recovered by the militia, and several machetes.

Other sources in Nangade town said it may have been the same group that attacked a customs post in the Nonje area of Nangade district on Sunday, where some 50 members of the government’s defence and security forces were stationed, but who fled when they realised they were under attack.

Nineteen of the soldiers reached Nangade town on Monday, and those who were injured were attended to at the local health centre, the sources said, adding that the whereabouts of other military personnel remained unknown.

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