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Mozambique police promise better behaviour as tourism feels the pinch


Local community and business leaders in the southern Mozambican town of Ponta do Ouro have held a meeting with police to agree on a way forward after a series of incidents of corruption and intimidation hit booking numbers in the popular tourist town.

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  1. The behaviour of the Mozambican Police as well as the custom officials at the border crossing and in the city of Maputo is despicable and below human dignity. What I have experienced in my last two trips to Maputo is a disgust which turned into contempt for a majority of Mozambican officials as they are corrupt beyond comprehension. It seems that the uniform or the position gives them the authority to an unprecedented blatant extortion. I can not even call this a third world dynamics, this is less than anything I’ve ever uncounted. One cannot comprehend the disdain shown to anybody who is not a part of this gang and each and every aspect of an entry such is the documentation is scrutinised with the great diligence to ensure the bounty. I have no inclination to return as I cannot face this ever again – it turns my stomach. I believe there are thousands of people like me and they are all saying: Adeus para sempre Macambique.

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