Mozambique Political Process Bulletin 78: Polling stations burned, violence, fraud


Source: 2019 General Elections – Mozambique Political Process Bulletin

Polling stations burned in Niassa

Six polling stations with 4605 registered voters were set ablaze by Renamo supporters who were furious over alleged fraud. The classrooms at Milagre Mabote primary school, Maniamba, Lago district, Niassa, where the 6 polling stations operated were made of traditional materials. As the photo shows, the classrooms and all voting materials, including ballot papers, were reduced to ashes.

After voting ended but before the count, the opposition surrounded EPC Milagre Mabote, and police fired into the air to disperse the crowd. With those shots, Renamo supporters threw many stones at police officers and burned all the ballot boxes. Polling station staff, journalists and even the police took refuge in the woods. A police car rescued the polling station staff, reported our correspondent at dawn today.

Death in Nampula; shootings & tear gas in Zambezia, Sofala & Nampula

The election night was marked by violence in the centre and north of the country. There was one death last night. A person was killed, shot and beaten by the police, and four people were shot in the lower limbs as police tried to disperse the crowd at Sao Vicente de Paulo Secondary School, Nacala-Porto, Nampula, at about 20h00.

In the city of Quelimane (Zambezia), police fired shots in the air to expel voters awaiting results at the Sangariveira EPC. Voters remained at the scene, set up barricades and burned tires to counter the police.

Also in Quelimane, at Marracua EPC, long queues meant voting only ended at 11 pm. After the count, polling station staff (MMVs) did not post the results fearing the fury of voters waiting on the scene, and the ballot boxes were taken by a STAE car. So far, no results have been released; 4800 voters are registered at this school.

Polling station staff refused to post the results at EPC Samora Machel, Mafambisse, Dondo, Sofala. The Renamo party delegate (party poll watcher) demanded that they be posted, but the polling station head said even though the law required that the results be posted, he could only do so with instructions from the director of STAE. Police fired shots to disperse the growing crowd.

In many places the results sheets are not being posted outside polling stations as required by law. This makes it much harder to conduct the parallel count and for observers to record the count. There are also widespread reports of misconduct and errors in the count, including not sealing bags of ballot papers.

It appears the Gaza ghosts are not voting. In Gaza many editais are not posted, but where they are, they show polling stations with 800 registered but only the staff and observers have voted.

Ossufo Momade votes invalidated in Zambezia

Photo: CIP

Photo: CIP

A close examination of invalid (nulo) votes at table 042787 – 03 at EPC Eduardo Mondlane, Inhassunge, Zambezia shows they were in favour of Ossufo Momade but were intentionally invalidated. As the photo shows, the ballot has an X for Momade but an extra fingerprint has been added for the Amuse candidate. This was a common fraud by polling station staff in past elections, and the law requires that all ink be taken out of the polling station before the count to prevent this. But our correspondent reports that the polling station head (presidente) had ink in his pocket and added to fingerprint to Momade ballot during the count.

Editor: Joseph Hanlon | Publisher: Edson Cortez | News Editor: Borges Nhamire

Reporters: Aldemiro Bande, Magda Mendonça, Sheila Nhancale, Graciano Claudio, João Machassel
Published by CIP, Centro de Integridade Pública (Public Integrity Centre),
Rua Fernão Melo e Castro, no 124, Maputo.

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