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Mozambique to start issuing dual-entry tourist visas on arrival


The Mozambique government yesterday approved new rules allowing foreign tourists to get dual-entry visas on arrival to the country, regardless of their country of origin. The new decree also lowers the threshold to qualify for an investment visa.

Until now, visitors whose country of origin contains a Mozambican embassy or consulate have had to get a visa there before travelling to Mozambique – a process that can be complicated and time-consuming, discouraging tourists from visiting Mozambique.

Deputy culture and tourism minister Ana Comuana told journalists after the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, 21 February, that the rule change will “encourage the entry of tourists into the country” and “stimulate investment in the tourism sector.”

Comoana did not specify how much the visa will cost nor how long it will be valid for, but she did say it will allow two entries into the country – meaning visitors will be able to visit neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania, and return to Mozambique without needing a new visa.

The decree also cuts the investment threshold for investment visas by 99%, from $50 million to $500,000. Comoana said the lower threshold should result in “a greater number of investors” coming to Mozambique.

Zitamar View: The new rules will be welcomed with a sigh of relief by Mozambique’s tourism sector, which has listened to the government describing tourism as a ‘pillar of development’ while doing nothing to promote its growth.

One sub-plot to this latest development could be that the government wants to ensure that the valuable foreign exchange that visitors spend on visas actually enters the country rather than being used by its embassies abroad. But whatever the motivation, the move is certainly positive for development of the tourism sector.

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