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The best of the rest of Mozambican media, 23 June 2017.

Maputo bus fares set to rise – MediaFAX
Bus fares for Maputo City and Province could treble under new proposals currently being discussed. As reported by MediaFAX, the new system could see journeys priced by kilometre. An official from the city authorities acknowledged that prices need to roughly treble to become sustainable for chapa operators – although that that might be unsustainable for passengers.
A price rise is inevitable. The problem is how to defuse public anger when it happens. We reported previously that the authorities are waiting for a new consignment of buses to arrive so they can say they’re providing a better service for the new higher price.

Nampula mayor likely to be expelled from MDM – MediaFAX
MediaFAX has reported that the Mayor of Nampula will be dismissed from the MDM, Mozambique’s third largest political party, at the next party congress.
Given Amurane’s recent strident criticism of the MDM leadership, it is all but impossible to imagine him staying on. He says he’ll run as an independent in 2018 if he has to. That could split the anti-Frelimo vote yet further, making the election in this major city an open race.

Chinese agribusiness shut down over working conditions – AIM
The labour inspectorate strikes again – this time shutting down the whole operation at Chinese firm Lianhe Africa Agriculture Development Company, as none of its employees were on proper contracts. According to AIM’s report,there were also issues with hygiene and cleanliness at the cotton and rice processing concern.
The Lianhe shutdown follows the suspension of 20 workers at another major Chinese agricultural project, Wanbao in Gaza province, earlier this month. Big Chinese enterprises fly relatively under the radar in Mozambique, but they are clearly not immune to labour inspections.

Chinese arrested in Nacala Port on suspicion of money laundering – MediaFAX
Two Chinese nationals have been detained at Nacala Port on the order of Mozambique’s Attorney General. According to MediaFAX, the two stand accused of money laundering and illegal exploitation of forest resources, “among other crimes”.

Hawks arrest 7 smuggling explosives from Mozambique to South Africa – Times Live
The seven were caught by South African police carrying mortar shells worth an estimated R3.7 million (US$284,000).
The Hawks suspect the seven of being involved in a larger smuggling network moving illegal explosives from Mozambique to South Africa.

Quett Masire, former Botswana President who played a role in Mozambique’s peace negotiations in 1992 and 2016, died on Thursday night.

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