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Nyusi warns Cuamba: ‘if you mess up again’ by voting Renamo, a lot will stop

“If you mess up again as you did in 2018, a lot will stop,” Filipe Nyusi’s told the citizens of Cuamba, Niassa, yesterday. In the 2018 local elections, Frelimo lost to Renamo in Cuamba, which was Nyusi’s first stop on his campaign in Niassa.

“I promised to asphalt the Cuamba-Lichinga road (EN8), which is already happening. Who assures me that if Frelimo and I go out of power the works will be completed?”, Nyusi asked, according to the Mozambican Information Agency (AIM) yesterday. But some will hear it as a threat that Cuamba will be punished if it votes for Renamo but Nyusi is re-elected nationally.

“It was a mistake to vote in the opposition,” he told the people who flocked to his rally.

Traveling by helicopter, Nyusi went from Cuamba to Mecanhelas where he held a rally and toured the local central market. He promised to build a hospital and maternity ward. Hi campaign continues tomorrow in Marupa.

Simango: ‘Our riches have to serve Mozambicans first’

“The people cannot continue to suffer, living as foreigners in their own country. Our riches have to serve Mozambicans first,” MDM presidential candidate Daviz Simango told a rally in Mecanhelas, Niassa. “We have a lot of wood and our children sit on the floor in school. If we prepare that wood and make desks, our children will not sit on the floor and people will also have jobs.” He promised the local population that if MDM wins the elections, they can guarantee an equitable distribution of natural resources.

In contrast to the Nyusi helicopter, Simango drove the 300 km from Cuamba to Lichinga, and in speeches stressed the extreme poverty affecting the local population. He called for a new emphasis on agriculture.

War, attacks and violence hit the headlines

Renamo dissident leader says attacks continue unless campaign stops

The two attacks on the road in Manica yesterday were by the self-proclaimed Renamo Military Junta (JMR), its leader Mariano Nhongo told a press conference yesterday. And he said the attacks will not stop until the election campaign is suspended.

“If the election campaign continues, shooting will not stop,” Nhongo told reporters in Beira by telephone. “If the government suspends the election campaign and postpones the elections, there will not be one more shot,” he added. Other demands include integrating Renamo fighters in the army, police, and secret service SISE.

“JMR is not the same the late Renamo president [Afonso Dhlakama], who was patient. Those who do not hear us will get shot, which can hit anyone, journalist, administrator, governor and others,” warned Nhongo.

The JMR leader said he had been contacted by an ambassador in Maputo during the peace negotiations. “We had warned this ambassador not to endorse the signing of agreement between [new Renamo leader]Ossufo Momade and the Government, notably those parts governing the disarmament and reintegration of Renamo residual forces.”

Explosion at mine kills six in Cuamba

An explosion at an artisanal mine in the Joao neighbourhood of Cuamba killed six people at the same time as Frelimo presidential candidate Filipe Nyusi was holding a rally in the same city. The miners are digging for garnets, the deep red gemstones with a crystalline structure, and other similar crystal gemstones. The six people killed are believed to be garnet dealers. Cuamba is not far from Malema district where there was an armed attack on a bus last week, which some have attributed to a fight between gemstone dealers.

Insurgents block campaign in Cabo Delgado

Campaigning is low key and restricted to district towns in those Cabo Delgado districts subject to dissident attacks: Quissanga, Macomia, Meluco, Nangade, Mocimboa da Praia, and Palma.

Since the campaign began 19 days ago, at least five attacks have been confirmed, which is demoralising people. The first on 31 August was at the launch of the campaign in Quiterajo, Macomia. Other attacks were reported on 2, 3, 10, and 14 September in other districts. In all, 11 people died and hundreds of houses were burned down.

Apart from Macomia, other attacks occurred in the village of Chitunda, Muidumbe district and the administrative post of Mbau, and in the village of Marare, both in Mocimboa da praia.

The most recent was on Monday, September 16, in the village Marere, Mocimboa da Praia. Three insurgents, one armed with an AKM and the other two armed with machetes, were seen circulating and people told the military. Soldiers went to the village and fired mortars and bazookas in the direction of the departing guerrillas. This caused fear and the population fled the village.

Assaults, bullies and burned houses in the centre of the country

Violence, intimidation and physical aggression among supporters of the three main parties, Frelimo, Renamo and MDM, including houses burned down by political rivals, has been reported in the centre of the country.

In Zambezia, Gurue Mayor Jose Aniceto accused the opposition of setting fire to 7 houses in Production Unit No. 6 neighbourhood on Saturday night September 14.

In N`tayansupa, Maravia district, Tete, the house of a 30-year-old teacher was burned Sunday night (September 15). Frelimo accuses Renamo of being behind the arson.

In Changara district, Tete, the home of MDM delegate Anselmo Labsone was torched in the first week of the election campaign. This came after the delegate had received threats from neighbourhood secretary, Roberto Mugabe.

In Manica town MDM and Frelimo supporters engaged in a brawl Monday when an MDM caravan passed in front of Frelimo headquarters, and was attacked by supporters. Police intervention prevented further damage.

And in Mavonde, Manica district, a Renamo parade was ambushed by Frelimo supporters and one Renamo supporter was beaten.

Ossufo Momade in Zambezia hits out at Frelimo for violence and intimidation

Ossufo Momade has been in Zambezia since Thursday September 12, drawing large crowds to his rallies in the province where Renamo won the previous election. Renamo’s presidential candidate criticized Frelimo’s electoral violence, recalling that “they did this to President Dhlakama,” in reference to the various attacks on Renamo’s late president.

“We know the behaviour of our evil red brothers, they were the ones who beat that teacher who is hospitalized in Quelimane,” Momade told the people of Pebane.

In Quelimane, Momade visited Professor Aristides da Conceicao who was brutally assaulted in the town of Guerrica, Derre district.

In Nicoadala Momade arrived at 14.00 on Sunday 15 September where the rally was scheduled to be held at the CFM sports field. But hours earlier it was occupied by Frelimo members and supporters, forcing Momade to hold a rally at party headquarters.

Elsewhere on the campaign trail

Thrown out of town for talking to Renamo

Anyone who goes close to a Renamo parade will be expelled from the community, local leaders in Honde village, Barue, Manica, have told their people. Because of this, most people are afraid to talk to Renamo members doing door-to-door campaigning.

No Gaza credentials for ND

Gaza’s district election commissions (CDEs) are refusing to receive the application documents for ND party polling station delegates. says Felix da Silva, parliamentary candidate for New Democracy (ND). Every party is allowed to nominate one delegate, or poll watcher, in each polling station, plus an alternate, and the names supplied by the parties must be accepted. But ND says Gaza is rfusing.

South left for last

The electoral campaign has started slowly in the four provinces of the south of the country, with major political parties and their presidential candidates prioritizing the central and northern regions. Ossufo Momade began his vote hunting in the capital and visited the districts of Marracuene, Boane and Matola, and only then moved north to Zambezia, while the other three candidates concentrated their campaign in the centre and north. Nampula and Zambezia, the two largest constituencies, accounting for more than 1/3 of parliamentary seats.

Filipe Nyusi launched the campaign in Beira and then went to Zambezia, Nampula, Cabo Delgado and Niassa. Daviz Simango launched his campaign in Gurue, Zambezia, before heading to Cabo Delgado and Niassa. Mario Albino from AMUSI has not left Nampula yet.

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