Tanzanian soldier killed as SADC forces overrun another insurgent base


One Tanzanian soldier died during an offensive by allied forces that destroyed an insurgent camp south of Chitama, Nangade district, on Saturday, 25 September. 

The Southern African Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) spokesperson, Major Patrick Mfaladi confirmed the fatality, in a statement that said seventeen terrorists were killed in the operation, and their base “reduced to a rubble.”

Three members of the SAMIM force were injured, and are “recuperating and on their way to full recovery.” The nationalities of the injured were not given in the statement but Major Mfaladi later confirmed that two soldiers, also from the Tanzanian People’s Defence Force, and one soldier from the Lesotho Defence Force had been injured. 

The operation appears to have involved heavy fighting. Local sources told Zitamar News that bombing could be heard in Chitama on Saturday. On Sunday morning, SAMIM engaged in a follow up operation, south of Messalo River. One insurgent was killed. Another, thought to be a teacher, was captured and is currently being questioned, the SAMIM statement said.

The base had apparently been under the command of an insurgent named as Sheikh Dr Njile North.

The SAMIM forces supporting the Mozambican army and operating in the districts of Nangade, Mueda and Macomia have recently reopened some of the roads that were previously controlled by insurgents. 

However, insurgent activity continues to be reported frequently, with a significant presence of terrorists close to Nangade town in particular.

The village of Janguane, 20kms from Nangade town, was attacked on Sunday. Zitamar News’ correspondent said that the roads in the area were empty after people chose to avoid travelling.

Litingina village, even closer to Nangade town, was targeted by a small armed group two days earlier, on Friday. They set several houses on fire. Local sources told Zitamar News that the group was seen crossing the Namua-Nangade road the next day.

People living in the area are worried that the insurgents could try and block the road leading to Unity Bridge, which crosses the Ruvuma River at the Negomano-Mtambaswala border post with Tanzania.

Meanwhile, in a report by the Nampula-based newspaper Ikweli, three women were kidnapped by a group of insurgents from the 5th Congress village in Nangade district at approximately 6pm last Thursday.

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