Ten dead at Nyusi rally; observer credentials blocked; Cabo Delgado attacks – Mozambique Elections 2019, edition 48


Source: 2019 General Elections – Mozambique Political Process Bulletin

10 dead in crush at Nyusi rally

There was a panic and crush as people tried to leave a rally with President Filipe Nyusi in Nampula this afternoon (Wednesday 11 September) at 25 June stadium. Ten deaths were confirmed by Frelimo.

At the Nampula Central Hospital where the victims were sent, one could hear cries for help. The press was prevented by Frelimo members from capturing any kind of image and audio.

Eufrasio Gilberto, cameraman for HAQ Television, was threatened with a gun and was forced to hand over camera. Leornardo Gimo of TV Sucesso was forced to delete all his pictures.

A team of ministers Celso Correia and Carlos Mesquita, accompanied by the head of the Frelimo party’s central brigade of political assistance to Nampula province, had to move to the emergency room to learn about the medical condition of patients under intensive care.

Nampula and Zambezia blocking observation

While most provinces are issuing observer credentials normally, Zambezia and Nampula are refusing to issue credentials to some or all civil society groups. The electoral law says credentials must be issued within five days of application. But Nampula Provincial Election Commission (CPE) simply says the machine to put the plastic coating on the credentials is broken and it will not issue paper credentials, Despite credentials having been requested for our correspondents more than a month ago by our publisher CIP (Public Integrity Centre, Centro de Integridade Publica), a recognised Mozambican civil society organisation, no credentials have been issued, 10 days after the start of the electoral campaign.

Nampula initially looked like the easiest and most flexible. For no good reason, electoral authorities said that different credentials had to be issued for the April-May registration and the September-October campaign and election. Only Nampula CPE said no second application was required and that the new credential would be issued automatically.

But instead they have issued no credential at all. Osman Cossing of IMD (Institute for Multiparty Democracy) was told that the credential machine was broken.

Zambezia CPE has issued credentials to Democracia e Desenvolvimento (CDD), Joint and IMD, but not to CIP and the Bulletin. CIP submitted its applications on 7 August, and after much insistence, the CPE rejected the application and demanded two things which had already been submitted.

+ A formal letter to the President of the CPE specifying the motivations of the observation, the type of observation, the area to be observed, and the names of the legitimate representatives and a notarized copy of their identification document.

+ Proof of legal existence of CIP, namely a copy of its registration as published in the Bulletin of the Republic.

These were submitted again on 3 September, so far without response. CIP is now complaining to the National Elections Commission.

Insurgents attack town and military camp, killing 9

In an apparent escalation of the Cabo Delgado war, insurgents attacked a town and para-military camp, killing 7 members of the riot police and burning an armoured car and two other vehicles. The attack was on Quiterajo town, in the north of Macomia district, near the coast and Mocimboa da Praia district.

At 19.00 last night (Tuesday 10 September) three groups of insurgents attacked the town. As well as attacking the UIR camp, they burned the health post and 70 houses, with one person burned to death inside their house. A trader’s truck was attacked and goods stolen. Two young men were kidnapped. The primary school was vandalised; in the 15 October election it is planned to have four polling stations in the primary school, for 3000 voters.

Earlier yesterday, at 6.00, a group of 10 insurgents 70 km inland from Quiterajo attacked a group of farmers in their fields in Miangueleua, Chitunda, Muidumbe district. One person was killed with a machete and one was shot and injured; two women were kidnapped. Miangueleua will have 15 polling stations for 11,000 voters.

Frelimo’s water

Campaigning Renamo supporters were prevented from drinking water from a fountain by Frelimo supporters allegedly because the water supply system was built by Frelimo. The incident happened yesterday (10 September) in Chizapela, Homine, Inhambane. As Renamo supporters leaving Chinjinguirre approached the water pump for a drink, they found the handle locked and a Frelimo member saying he had been instructed by his superiors to prevent them from having access to Frelimo’s water.

Frelimo forces civil servants to support its campaign

State officials, mostly school principals and teachers, are being forced to leave their jobs to campaign for Frelimo. Empty classrooms and many teachers and hundreds of students without classes is a picture across the country, reveals a survey by the Bulletin.

Manica province is particularly bad. In Tambara district, teachers and other civil servants are required to attend Frelimo rallies. As a result, some schools are closed and even the police station abandoned. In Sabeta administrative post, six primary schools stopped their classes so that staff could attend a meeting convened by Frelimo central brigade member Omar Assane; 300 students did not have classes.

In Machaze district, many students spend most of the day without classes because of the absence of teachers and their principals.

In Manica district, teachers at Chinhamapere High School are not teaching in order to participate in the Frelimo party election campaign. Some teachers in that school use personal vehicles with Frelimo posters.

Teachers heard by CIP complained of their colleagues campaigning for Frelimo on the school grounds.

In Inhassunge district, Zambezia, teachers from different schools in the district are required to join the Frelimo party. The same scenario is repeated at Madvuzi Secondary School in Chiuta district, Tete.

In Sofala in some schools in Muanza, Cheringoma and Chibava, teachers and other civil servants are involved in Frelimo campaign activities.

Editor: Joseph Hanlon | Publisher: Edson Cortez | News Editor: Borges Nhamire

Reporters: Aldemiro Bande, Magda Mendonça, Sheila Nhancale, Graciano Claudio, João Machassel

Published by CIP, Centro de Integridade Pública (Public Integrity Centre),

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