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Two campaigners murdered – Mozambique Elections 2019, edition 43


Source: 2019 General Elections – Mozambique Political Process Bulletin

Two campaigners murdered in Dondo

A Frelimo official was stabbed to death and a Renamo member was beaten to death in Dondo district yesterday (Monday 3 September). A Renamo member has been arrested for the first murder and Renamo accuses MDM of the second.

Carla Andre, Frelimo secretary in Mutua, Bairro 25 de Junho, was stabbed to death in her home by three individuals who fled. A Renamo member has been arrested for her murder.

Julio Amisse, 37 years old, was beaten to death in Mafambisse as he came back from campaigning. His body in the morgue was still wearing his Renamo t-shirt. Amisse is a former MDM member who recently joined Renamo. Renamo Mafambisse political delegate, Josef Fatima, accuses MDM members of being behind the murder, noting “our member complained of being persecuted by the MDM,” The killers fled but district police commander Joao Moiana said the killing is under investigation.

In Chicualacuala, Gaza, two Frelimo supporters have been arrested and accused to attacking a Renamo member, who is now hospitalised in Xai Xai.

In Macossa, Manica, the house of the MDM delegate was burned down yesterday, party spokesperson Humberto Escova told a Chimoio press conference. He accused Frelimo. He also said that MDM flags and posters were vandalised in Guro.

Renamo supporters won’t eat

In Buzi district, Sofala, neighbourhood secretaries banned Renamo campaigners from participating in the “food for work” project for cyclone Idai victims, claimed Joao Remedio, Renamo district political delegate. He said this was happening in the neighbourhoods of Massane, Chiquezane, Macurongo and Inhabirira

Slow campaigning continues in Cabo Delgado

Campaigning continues in Cabo Delgado, with Frelimo being one of the few parties that was visible today, the fourth day of the election campaign.

In Macomia district, Frelimo caravans travelled to the villages of Nguida and Nakate and Renamo went to Machova; MDM has not started to campaign in the district.

In Mecufi district, Renamo was active in Sassalane and Frelimo was not active.

In Muidumbe district, Frelimo was the only party campaigning the morning, visiting villages and markets. In Ibo, Cabo Delgado, Frelimo was the only party on the streets of the Quirimba, and it accused Renamo supporters of putting posters on five houses of Frelimo supporters without permission.

Poster battles continue

In Morrumbala, Zambezia, and Magoe, Tete, Frelimo supporters pasted Frelimo posters on houses of Renamo supporters.

In Morrumbene, Inhambane, Renamo accuses the secretary of the Frelimo youth movement (Organizacao da Juventude Mocambicana, OJM), Joaquim Maria, of organising people to paste Frelimo posters on top of Renamo ones.

In Xai-Xai, Gaza, Frelimo accuses Renamo and MDM of destroying its campaign material. Renamo and MDM deny this. Indeed, Renamo spokesperson Arnaldo Manhique accused Frelimo of pasting its posters on top of Renamo ones.

In Murrupula, Nampula, Renamo pasted posters of is presidential candidate Ossufo Momade over the face of Frelimo candidate Filipe Nyusi on Frelimo posters.

In Maputo city, there are many posters for MDM and Frelimo on the walls of private houses. In Funhalouro, there are Frelimo posters blocking traffic signs. In Mandimba, there are Frelimo posters on the Baptist Church.

The electoral law makes it a crime to pull down or deface campaign posters. It also makes it illegal to put posters on private houses without permission of the occupant, and to obscure traffic signs and lights with posters. Posters cannot be put on churches or government buildings. But these rules are not enforced.

Indeed, a snack bar owner in Moatize, Tete, was arrested for taking down Frelimo posters put up over the windows of his shop. He was released when the police decided it was not a crime to take down posters that had been put on private property without permission, AIM reports today.

Collecting cards

In the village of Canhavano, Gaza, Carlota Matxani, village secretary and Frelimo member, is collecting voters cards, noting data and numbers, causing concern by some residents. Three local residents complained to this Bulletin.

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