WFP confirms insurgent attack on food aid warehouse in Cabo Delgado


The World Food Programme (WFP) has confirmed that insurgents in Cabo Delgado raided a  humanitarian food aid warehouse on 7 April and then distributed food to the local population, an incident first reported last week by Zitamar News.

The attack happened in the village of Mahate, Quissanga district, when a “Non-State Armed Group (NSAG)” broke into a warehouse operated by WFP’s local partner, agribusiness company SEPPA, and stole a total of 116,624 tonnes of food, according to WFP acting country director James Lattimer.

Lattimer told Zitamar that the armed group “then assembled the community and began distributing the stolen food to the population on the night of 7 April.”

“WFP has no staff on the ground and no partner staff have reportedly been injured or killed during the attack,” Lattimer said, adding: “This is the first documented instance where armed groups have deliberately broken into a humanitarian warehouse.”

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