Zitamar Daily Briefing, 11 April


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 11 April, 2019


  • Today: World Bank-hosted round table on response to Cyclone Idai, with finance ministers of Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Malawi (see story)
  • Today: USAID publishes its study “Crimes Against Wildlife in Gorongosa and Niassa: The Legal Process from Capture to Fulfilment of Sentence”
  • Today: The speaker of the Swiss parliament, Marina Carobbio, meets her opposite number, Veronica Macamo, in Maputo

The latest from Zitamar News:

World Bank to host Cyclone Idai response meeting today
Mozambican finance minister Adriano Maleiane, his Zimbabwean counterpart Mthuli Ncube, and Malawian finance minister Goodall Gondwe, will explain their governments’ response so far and give a needs assessment at a meeting in Washington DC on Thursday

The best of the rest:

  • Environment ministry wants $50m for reforestation (AIM, MediaFax)
  • Chissano given role in new China-Africa Institute (O País)
  • Hunters can kill 103 leopards, 49 lions, and 25 elephants in Mozambique this year (A Verdade)
  • Supreme Court asked to free three ‘hidden debts’ suspects (Carta de Moçambique)

Environment ministry wants $50m for reforestation (AIM, MediaFax)
The Mozambican Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development is looking for $50 million for reforestation and forest management projects to mitigate the effects of climate change, deputy national director for forests Imede Falume told a conference in Maputo on Tuesday. He said the ministry is seeking the finance from its international partners, but despite some promises, there is so far nothing concrete to report.
The reforestation project would include certain urban areas, such as Beira, where more trees might have mitigated the damage from cyclone Idai. “We have a specific programme where this question of climate change is one of the pillars”, he said. “We shall naturally reforest as many areas as possible, using tree species that grow rapidly”, said Falume. “We are developing these actions right now. We have an area of about 4,000 hectares reforested in the country.”
Celso Correia’s environment ministry is already one of the biggest recipients of foreign aid – including for reforestation. Its financial strength contributes to Correia’s influence in government – as he is able to spread some of the money around his colleague’s ministries too. Reforestation is doubtless an important thing for Mozambique to focus on – and the link to climate change and disaster mitigation is correct – but the ministry cannot claim it doesn’t already have quite a bit of cash for this.

Chissano given role in new China-Africa Institute (O País)
Former Mozambican President Joaquim Chissano has been named President of the International Consultative Committee of the China-Africa Institute, launched this week by the Chinese government to “pool resources from Chinese and African academic communities and think tanks, deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples, and offer ideas and recommendations for China-Africa cooperation,” according to Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Details on the structure of the new institute are scarce, making it hard to establish how important Chissano’s position there is – but he appears to have been guest of honour at the launch event in Beijing on Tuesday.

Hunters can kill 103 leopards, 49 lions, and 25 elephants in Mozambique this year (A Verdade)
Correia’s ministry has decided that 19,864 wild animals should be killed in the 2019 hunting season which runs from 1 April to 30 November – including 103 leopards, 49 lions, and 25 elephants. A leading environmentalist told A Verdade that the criteria for setting these numbers have not been made clear – but accepted that hunting can be an important source of income for poor communities living on or around protected areas.
A Verdade’s article focuses on the elephants, but the number of lions to be killed is also jarring, particularly considering the fanfare with which 24 lions – less than half the number that will be killed in the next seven months – were recently introduced to the Zambezi Delta, billed as a “seed population to reverse” the decimation of the lion population in southern Africa. Game hunting is a controversial issue but monies obtained drom such activities have been able to fund government related institutions and to have a better control od environment, both fauna and forest. In areas where those game concessions have been established there is a very low degree od illegal hunting. In the Marromeu area, where new lions where introduced last year, there is an informal ban on lion huntingbfor the next five years.

Supreme Court asked to free three ‘hidden debts’ suspects (Carta de Moçambique)
Three ‘habeas corpus’ requests have been submitted to Mozambique’s Supreme Court in an attempt to have three suspects in the ‘hidden debts’ case released. The identity of the three is unknown, but Carta de Moçambique speculates that two of them may be the former SISE officers Antonio Carlos do Rosário and Gregorio Leao, whose detention is arguably illegal, given the immunity which SISE officers enjoy.
Meanwhile, there is no sign of the release of journalist Amade Abubacar who has so far been held by the military and the police for three months and six days. A Verdade has seen a copy of a speech to be given by the Prosecutor-General in the coming days, which refers to a case against Abubacar and his detained colleague Germano Daniel Adriano, dated 27 March 2019. They are accused of running a Facebook account in support of the Cabo Delgado insurgency.

Company Announcements


  • Pathfinder Minerals said it had agreed in principle the terms of a deal with General Jacinto Veloso, the 50% shareholder of the company that owns a heavy minerals mining concession in Zambezia province, to buy into the concession again and resolve outstanding legal disputes around it
  • Kenmare Resources said that it had mined 9.3 million tonnes of ore from its Moma mine in the first quarter of 2019, a 19% year-on-year increase. Production of heavy mineral concentrate, ilmenite, primary zircon and concentrates also increased. However, shipments fell by one-third due to poor sea conditions and unplanned maintenance

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