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Zitamar Daily Briefing, 12 December 2017


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 12 December, 2017.

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Mozambique steel project brings Chinese partners on board
This project will only go ahead with heavy Chinese support

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Police officers held for selling arms to poachers (MediaFax)
At least two police officers are in custody since their arrest last Monday, accused of stealing three firearms and selling them to two poachers in Massingir, Gaza province. One of the arrested men is head of operations at the district police command, and the other is an officer of the national criminal investigations service, both serving in Massingir.
Massingir is a hotspot for poaching in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park which includes South Africa’s Kruger – as this hair-raising article from 2015 makes clear.

Attackers hit village near Palma with knives and machetes (CanalMoz)
A group of unknown men, armed with machetes and knives, attacked the village of Inlane in the district of Palma, Cabo Delgado, last Friday morning, CanalMoz reports. Local authorities say two villagers were killed and two more injured.
Palma is the district where the LNG projects will be built. The news coming out of that part of Cabo Delgado continues to be very worrying.

Government plans to list its holding in Baobab steel project (Folha de Maputo)
At the signing of the mining contract yesterday, minister of mineral resources and energy Leticia Klemens said the government would in the future sell its 10% stake in the project on the Mozambican stock exchange.
The government is clearly leading the way to invigorate the Bolsa de Valores de Maputo – which will become the second largest in southern Africa, after Johannesburg’s, once the Cahora Bassa dam lists.

Cruise ship passengers denied entry to Maputo by immigration authorities (@Verdade)
Hundreds of tourists on a cruise ship were denied entry to Mozambique on Sunday due to the malfunctioning passport-reading machine of the immigration authorities. The wealthy visitors would have had six hours to spend cash in downtown Maputo – an area which the government is supposed to be promoting as a tourist destination – but instead had to stay on board. According to @Verdade, a similar situation happened a few weeks ago where cruise passengers prefered the comfort of the boat to queuing for hours for a visa.


  • Today: Maputo-Katembe ferry returns to normal service

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