Zitamar Daily Briefing, 16 August 2018


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 16 August, 2018.

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  • Today: First of two days of the annual SADC Lawyers Association conference in Maputo, to be opened by Filipe Nyusi
  • Today: Mozambique’s National Business Council (Conselho Empresarial Nacional, CEN) holds its first meeting of 2018

The latest from Zitamar News:

Nyusi promotes Renamo officers as part of Mozambique peace deal
Nyusi today named the members of four groups to oversee the demilitarisation of Renamo, and promoted three former Renamo officers who joined the state’s armed forces following the original peace deal in 1992

AB Inbev’s new Mozambique brewery will neighbour Heineken’s – spokesman
The new brewery will have a capacity of more than 200 million litres per year, according to CDM’s owner, global brewing giant AB Inbev.

Photo of the day:

A lorry carrying logs fell off a bridge in Nampula province this morning, killing the driver. Photo © O País

The best of the rest:

  • Chinese illegal logging companies switch attention to Inhambane
  • CIP says recruitment process for energy regulator head is illegal
  • Luísa Diogo says Samora Machel Jr won’t split Frelimo

Chinese illegal logging companies switch attention to Inhambane (O País)
Chinese logging enterprises are moving south from Zambezia province to start illegal logging in Inhambane province, according to O País, whose reporters saw hundreds of chopped down trees and trucks full of logs parked at a camp. Workers said they were following orders from their Chinese bosses to leave Zambezia and start operating in Inhambane.
There is also the question of which port the logs are being exported from. Beira would seem to be the obvious answer, but controls are supposed to be tighter there than they were at Quelimane, where most illegal timber from Zambezia was exported until the port was effectively closed last year.

CIP says recruitment process for energy regulator head is illegal (Lusa, Correio da Manhã)
The Centro de Integridade Pública (CIP) argues that the public recruitment process for a head for the new energy regulator, the Autoridade Reguladora de Energia (ARENE), is illegal – and the position should be appointed by the Council of Ministers. CIP accepts that the public competition is aimed at increasing transparency, but says it could conflict with the fact that the rest of the ARENE staff will be nominated by the energy ministry.
Is CIP trying to watch out for corruption, or simply for instances where the law is not followed to the letter? Presumably the Council of Ministers will ultimately nominate the person who is selected through the public recruitment process anyway – so it’s hard to see what the problem is here.

Luísa Diogo says Samora Machel Jr won’t split Frelimo (MediaFax, O País, AIM)
Former prime minister Luisa Diogo told journalists yesterday that she believes in the “maturity” of her party to be able to manage the situation of Samora Machel Jr. – who, like Diogo, is a member of Frelimo’s Central Committee – running against Frelimo in the Maputo municipal election. State news agency AIM’s English service points out that the party’s statute forbids Frelimo members from standing in elections for any other party or movement without explicit authorisation – but also that, as ‘Samito’ is a member of the Central Committee, only the Central Committee has the power to expel him. “It would obviously be highly embarrassing for the Party to expel the son of the man who led it to military victory over Portuguese colonialism, and who proclaimed Mozambique’s independence in 1975,” AIM writes.
It’s an unprecedented situation for Frelimo, and makes the Maputo election highly unpredictable. One possible outcome is that, having made his point, Machel Jr withdraws his candidacy on the eve of the election – probably clearing the way for Frelimo’s Eneas Comiche to win. If, as seems more likely, both men proceed to the election, Venancio Mondlane of Renamo has a good chance of winning.

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