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Zitamar Daily Briefing, 20 October 2017


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Mozambique needs measured approach to extremist threat, experts say
As the dust settles on Mocimboa da Praia, experts are analyse why the attack happened and what should be done to prevent a repeat.

Heineken to consult on $70m Mozambique brewery plan
More details have emerged on the Dutch brewing giant’s plans for a brewery in Maputo province.

Mozambique LNG hopes to start resettlement this year
The start of resettlement will be a clear signal that Mozambique LNG really is going ahead.

The best of the rest:

‘Vampire’ riots cause death and chaos in Zambézia province (TxopelaAIM)
The population of Gilé, Zambézia province, have turned on the local government and the police after two children were shot dead by police in attempts to put down unrest linked to rumours of vampirism in the district. The rumours of vampires have been circulating for the past three months, and disturbances started last week when a mob attacked the home of a businessman accused of being a vampire. The district administrator has now sought refuge in the neighbouring district of Alto Molocue after his official residence was targeted by rioters, along with the local police station. In Malawi, mobs killed five people suspected of being vampires earlier this month.
The recurring ‘vampire’ myth in central and northern Mozambique holds that an animal, person, or a supernatural being enters houses at night and sucks people’s blood. The popular response is to attack the suspected perpetrators during the light of day.

Mozambique could double its gas reserves by 2030, minister says (Notícias)
Mineral resources and energy minister Letícia Klemens has told the LNG Producer-Consumer Conference in Tokyo this week that Mozambique could double its current reserve estimate of 180 trillion cubic feet of gas by 2030, thanks to new discoveries.
Klemens is currently on a trip to Japan and China, clearly aiming to position Mozambique as a strategic, large-scale supplier of gas for decades to come.

New human rights commission sworn in (AIM)
Luis Bitone Nahe was sworn in as the new president of the government’s national human rights commission (CNDH) yesterday, taking over from Custodio Duma. The new-look commission also includes veteran rights campaigner Alice Mabota, founder of the non-governmental Human Rights League (LDH).
The CNDH under Duma has been a toothless organisation – in particular, having conducted investigations into human rights abuses during the persecution of alleged Renamo supporters in 2015-16, never revealing its findings. The outspoken Mabota will not stand for that – and as a result it will be interesting to see how long she feels she can remain part of the CNDH.

Government, CTA call for more Mozambican involvement in gas sector (O PaísAIM)
Private business organisation the CTA said on Wednesday it is creating an extractive industries authority to train personnel, build infrastructure, and empower SMEs as an urgent measure to ensure that Mozambican companies are not shut out of the country’s gas industry. The following day, deputy energy minister Augusto Fernando called for more training of Mozambicans to get employment in the sector, saying Mozambique’s gas “should be a fundamental weapon for the real development of Mozambique through the training and capacity building of human capital.”

Private sector water providers raise prices in Maputo (@Verdade)
Private sector water companies have raised their prices in the province of Maputo, from 40MT to 50MT per cubic metre for areas connected to the electricity grid, and from 50MT to 60MT per m3 for areas without mains electricity.
Private sector operators are often seen as more reliable than the FIPAG network, especially in suburban areas.

Mbuzini plane crash victims remembered
31 years and one day have now passed since the Mbuzini plane crash which killed not only President Samora Machel, but a further 33 people travelling with him. Last year, on the event of the 30th anniversary, some of the victims’ families published this list of those who died alongside Samora, and those who survived.

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