Zitamar Daily Briefing, 24 July 2018


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 24 July, 2018.


  • Today: 43rd anniversary of Samora Machel’s order nationalizing private property in Mozambique

The latest from Zitamar News:

Mozambique airline appoints new management
The previous board was fired on 5 July after the company was unable to pay for fuel, leaving passengers including the Prime Minister stranded.
Marcelo Mosse’s Facebook page has an in-depth article today about the company’s new director general.

The best of the rest:

  • Samora Machel Jr.’s exclusion causes discontent in Frelimo
  • Administrative court raps INP for not checking oil companies’ accounts
  • Nyusi will meet with BRICS leaders in Johannesburg
  • Cotton producers in price dispute with OLAM in Lalaua
  • Faruco Sadique and António Barros proposed as TVM and Rádio Moçambique chiefs

Samora Machel Jr.’s exclusion causes discontent in Frelimo (O País, CanalMoz)
2,000 Frelimo members in Maputo signed a letter, delivered yesterday to the party’s Maputo City Committee, decrying the lack of transparency in the process that led to Samora Machel Jr.’s exclusion from the race to head Frelimo’s Maputo list in municipal elections this October. According to Albino Forquilha, a spokesman for the letter’s signatories, the son of Mozambique’s first president, Samora Machel, meets all the requirements to be Frelimo’s mayoral candidate but was rejected without explanation.
Frelimo seems to have the most democratic internal processes of all three main parties, but even theirs lacks transparency in how the shortlist is drawn up. Machel’s supporters are now threatening to support a bid to run as an independent candidate – an unlikely scenario but one which would split the Frelimo vote in Maputo City and play into the hands of Venancio Mondlane.

Administrative court raps INP for not checking oil companies’ accounts (Notícias)
The Administrative Court (Tribunal Administrativa) yesterday criticised the petroleum industry regulator, INP, for not conducting regular audits of oil companies in Mozambique – saying it means the authorities don’t know the real costs of those companies’ exploration and other activities. The TA said INP should be checking the ‘predevelopment’ costs which are submitted by the holders of oil and gas concessions, which will ultimately be tax deductible if and when they start producing.
Earlier this month the tax authority announced an audit of the Anadarko- and Eni-led consortia’s accounts, with the aim of working out how much they will be able to claim back against taxes in future [see Zitamar Daily Briefing, 18 July]. Today’s story in Notícias is illustrated with a picture of Vale’s coal mine – which could also be a target of the authorities’ new vigilance of extractive industries.

Nyusi to meet with BRICS leaders in Johannesburg (Correio da Manhã)
Mozambican president Filipe Nyusi will attend the BRICS summit this week in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he will meet with leaders and diplomats from the BRICS countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Nyusi is expected to arrive on Thursday, for the second day of the summit.
Officially, Mozambique and the rest of SADC will be represented at the meeting by Angola and Zambia, but Correio da Manhã says Nyusi will attend to work on diplomatic issues specific to Mozambique.

Cotton producers in price dispute with OLAM in Lalaua (Ikweli)
The community of Mavalane, in Lalaua district of Nampula province, has accused Singapore-based agri-business OLAM of charging farmers more for cotton seed and fertilizer than they promised at the beginning of the growing process. OLAM takes the money out of what they pay producers at harvest time, and the producers claim that the sums being debited from their income are in some cases double what OLAM said the inputs would cost in the planting season.
Producers say that the system is endangering livelihoods and discouraging cash crop production. The government is aware of the problem and local officials will meet with OLAM representatives tomorrow for discussions.

Faruco Sadique and António Barros proposed as TVM and Rádio Moçambique chiefs (CanalMoz)
A CanalMoz investigation found a proposal, to be submitted to the Council of Ministers, appointing Faruco Sadique, the current chairman of the Rádio Moçambique Administrative Council, as chairman of TVM and António Barros, a longtime Rádio Moçambique employee, as chairman Rádio Moçambique. The appointments, CanalMoz alleges, would be part of Frelimo’s electoral campaign. The men would be charged with painting Frelimo candidates in the best possible light, while attacking opposition candidates.
TVM head Armando Inroga was fired by the Council of Ministers on 4 July, and a replacement might be announced at today’s Council meeting. It’s a key job for the Frelimo government at this point in the election cycle.

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