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Zitamar Daily Briefing, 3 October 2017


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 3 October 2017.

The latest from Zitamar News:

New logistics JV forms in readiness for Mozambique LNG
The race to be the logistics hub for Mozambique’s LNG projects is hotting up – with Pemba perhaps stuck betwixt and between the much closer Mocimboa da Praia to the north, and the much larger port of Nacala to the south.

The best of the rest:

Malawi and Mozambique border guards clash over fishing rights (Diario de Mocambique)
Mozambican border guards on the Mozambican side of Lake Malawi chased away a group of their Malawian counterparts last week, after the Malawians invaded a camp of Mozambican fishermen and fired shots in the air. The Mozambican guards eventually caught up with the Malawians, who explained that they were pursuing the fishermen for having violated Malawi’s waters. The police said the Mozambican authorities are talking with the Malawians about the matter.
The lake border between Malawi and Mozambique is not in dispute – unlike that between Malawi and Tanzania, which is being mediated by former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano. But, for Malawi’s armed border guards to be persecuting Mozambican fishermen on land, they must have traversed a lot of Mozambican water – which could be seen as provocative on the Mozambican side.

Maputo-Catembe bridge takes shape (AIM)
China Road and Bridge Corporation, the company responsible for the construction of the bridge linking Maputo city to the municipal district of Catembe, yesterday installed the first of the 57 modules that will constitute the bridge’s deck.
According to the company, if the weather conditions are good the deck installation will not take more than 45 days. Each deck module is 12 meters wide, 26 meters long and three meters thick.


Industrial-scale chicken and egg facility to open in Tete (AIM)
A new hatchery in Angónia, Tete province, could produce up to 200,000 eggs per month, as well as day-old chicks, and chickens to be slaughtered at a rate of 80,000 per month. The facility, in the town of Ulónguè, should become operational later this year.
For more on the role of chickens in Mozambique’s economic development, take a look at Joe Hanlon and Teresa Smart’s book, ‘Chickens and beer: A recipe for agricultural growth in Mozambique’, available to download free here.

INAE closes Bonsuino in Maputo Province (O País)
Mozambique’s National Inspector of Economic Activities (INAE) closed the Bonsuino pork processing company in Matola yesterday, saying its pork is unsuitable for human consumption. Reports suggest Bonsuino was selling the meat in the largest supermarkets in Maputo province. At the site, the owners attempted to bar entry to both INAE and the press, allegedly because INAE did not file a court order. INAE gained entry to the premises through police intervention.
INAE is having a big year since the appointment of its new director, Rita Freitas – its most high-profile scalp so far being Cristal cafe and restaurant in central Maputo.

  • Tomorrow: Filipe Nyusi to lead commemorations in Maputo of the 25th Anniversary of the Rome Peace Accord signed with Renamo in 1994.

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