Zitamar Daily Briefing, 5 July 2018


Welcome to Zitamar’s daily Mozambique briefing for 5 July, 2018.


  • Today: Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosário begins a four-day visit to Niassa province
  • Today: Portuguese prime minister António Costa begins a two-day visit to Mozambique, where he will meet with President Nyusi as part of the Third Portugal-Mozambique summit
  • Tomorrow: A Mozambican-Portuguese Business Forum, focused on the energy sector, will take place in Maputo, organized by the Mozambique chamber of commerce

The latest from Zitamar News:

Mozambique government to review oil company stock exchange requirement
Negotiations over exploration and production concession contracts have been drawn out as companies demanded clarity over whether they would be required to list on the local stock exchange

Mozambique airline running with delays as fuel suppliers demand payment
LAM couldn’t pay fuel suppliers yesterday, causing disruption across the timetable

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The best of the rest:

  • Confusion within Frelimo as process to name head of Maputo list delayed
  • More corpses discovered in Manica
  • Police arrest 95 undocumented immigrants in Tete
  • Mozambique and Venezuela sign cooperation agreement

Confusion within Frelimo as process to name head of Maputo list delayed (MediaFax)
Frelimo’s political organization in Maputo will delay its internal election to pick a leader of its Maputo City list for 10 October elections until 13 July, a process originally scheduled for this weekend. The party justified the delay by saying that the internal election process is “complex” and requires “additional time”. MediaFax, however reports that there is confusion within the party, as each passing day seems to generate new candidates to head the list.
It is certainly true that the list of candidates is growing. What was originally a three horse race, with Gilberto Mendes, Samora Machel Junior and Isalcio Mahanjane competing to head the list, has now expanded to include Edson Macuácua, Fernando Sumbana Júnior, João Matlombe and Razaque Manhique. MediaFax also reports that Frelimo’s Political Committee has put forth Eneas Comiche as a candidate – who was mayor from 2003-8, and controversially not selected for a second term – which could result in the internal election result simply being overruled in the Political Committee’s favour. On the other hand, this could be seen as the first indication from Frelimo that it thinks 10 October elections may not actually take place, as yesterday the National Election Commission suspended the presentation of candidate lists out of concern that the laws meant to govern the election have not yet been passed.

More corpses discovered in Manica (AIM)
Residents of Macadeira, in the Vanduzi district of Manica province, found two bodies in the local forest. The dead have not been identified, but evidence suggests that the bodies had been in the forest for some time. The grisly discovery takes the number of bodies found in the area this year to three.
Police say they are investigating, and witnesses say that the state of the bodies suggests they had been murdered elsewhere and brought to Macadeira. In 2016, reports of a mass grave in Macossa, also in Manica province, were strenuously denied by the government – which proceeded to deny journalists access to the area.

Police arrest 95 undocumented immigrants in Tete (Rádio Moçambique)
Mozambican police in the Moatize district of Tete province arrested and deported 95 Malawians who had entered Mozambique illegally. The immigrants were on their way through Tete and had hopes of finding work in South Africa. Police also arrested one Malawian and four Mozambicans involved in smuggling the immigrants.

Mozambique and Venezuela sign cooperation agreement (O País)
Mozambican foreign minister José Pacheco and his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Alberto Arraeza Montserrat yesterday signed an agreement to eliminate visa requirements for diplomats traveling between the two countries. The agreement also allows for mutual recognition of diplomas from either country and creates a joint commission to look at future cooperation in hydrocarbon exploration.

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