Cabo Delgado insurgents kill again in attack on coastal Macomia


An unknown number of people were killed, and others taken hostage, in Macomia district on Wednesday, according to people who witnessed the attacks from a distance, and fled to the town of Macomia.

The attacks took place in the administrative posts of Mucojo and Quiterajo on Wednesday, 24 March, the same day that another group of insurgents attacked the town of Palma, further north in Cabo Delgado province.

The attackers came by boats, including some motorboats, and surprised fishermen in Mucojo and Quiterajo — where fishermen and buyers have of late been moving freely to buy and sell fish.

The town of Macomia had a sleepless night on Thursday night after rumours circulated that the group of armed men had been seen camped close to the village of Manica, in Mucojo administrative post, multiple sources in Macomia told Zitamar.

The fear means people in Macomia town can no longer go to the coastal zone, and those who remain there — having survived the insurgents’ latest attack — cannot get to the district headquarters.

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